Stilp Again Calls for Justice Melvin’s Resignation

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JANUARY 11, 2012












(Complaint contents attached)

Gene Stilp, who filed the original Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board case against Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin in the spring of 2010, today filed a second Judicial Conduct Complaint against Justice Orie Melvin.” The first complaint is listed as Complaint #168 of 2010 by the Judicial Conduct Board and is active.

Making clear reference to the PRESENTMENT “C” of the Allegheny County Grand Jury signed December 15, 2011, Stilp filed the new complaint and asked again that the Judicial Conduct Board use the virtual laser-like road map  in the new Presentment to bring Judicial Conduct Board charges against the sitting Supreme Court justice. Stilp cited violations of  Canons 1, 2, and 7 of the Canons of Judicial Conduct.

Mr. Stilp said, “There was more than enough in the first 2010 presentment against here sisters, Senator Jane Orie and Janine Orie, that lead directly into the previous chamber of now Justice Melvin. She should have been removed from her duties in 2010 and brought up before a Special Tribunal appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court by now, but the Judicial Conduct Board is apparently coddling Justice Melvin.”

Half of the twelve member Judicial Conduct Board is appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices. Chief Justice Castille himself is under investigation for his roll in the ten to twelve million dollar scandal involving the Philadelphia Family Court building project.

“I would look directly to the Chief Justice Ron Castille as the source of the slow playing of the Judicial Conduct Board investigation. Is the Chief Justice meddling and coddling Justice Melvin in the present case?, asked Stilp.

Stilp continued, “One must remember that the chief legal counsel for the Judicial Conduct Board is  Mr. Joseph Massa who is the same Joseph Massa who admitted that he did not investigate Luzerne County, kids-for-cash judge Conahan who was convicted in federal court and now is serving major time in the federal system. Mr. Massa had received many complaints about then judge Conahan years before the federal investigation broke the case but Massa took no action “

Mr. Stilp filed a complaint with U.S. Justice Department  which asked for an investigation of the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board for not investigating Judge Conahan. Mr. Stilp said, “The Judicial Conduct Board is suspect again for their lack of progress on the Melvin case. The Code of Judicial Conduct is very strict and the apparent violations in the first Grand Jury Presentment in 2010 should have been easy to investigate in over a year and one-half.”

Stilp earlier this week called for Justice Melvin to recuse herself in any redistricting case brought before the Supreme Court. The cases will be filed today and the Pa Supreme Court said that the court will hear any cases on January 23rd.  Her  resignation or removal form the bench by the Supreme Court before that date will immediately solve that problem.

The second Judicial Conduct Complaint filed today states:

“This second complaint against sitting Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin makes clear and direct reference to PRESENTMENT  “C”  of the 2010 Allegheny County Investigating Grand Jury, Criminal Division, CP-02-AD-112-2010. Complaint has attached a copy of PRESENTMENT “C” to this complaint.

Again I allege that Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin violated Canons 1, 2, and 7 of the Canons of Judicial Conduct and should be investigated and tried buy the appointed Special Tribunal. In the meantime she should not be allowed to hear cases and should be removed from the bench if she does not immediately resign.

As in the PRESENTMENT of the Allegheny Grand Jury in the spring of 2010 which was detailed in my first complaint, PRESENTMENT “C” again presents the Pennsylvania Judicial Board with a laser like road map that gives a virtual tour of wrongdoing in the office of  Joan Orie Melvin.

Specifically, the list of witness for you to interview is listed in PRESENTMENT  “C.”  The list includes:  Janine Mary Orie, Lisa Sasinoski,  Kathleen Squires, Molly Creenan,  Cathy Skidmore, and John Degener.  The contact information for each of these witnesses is in the PA  Court Administrative office files down the hall from your office.

The conclusions that  PRESENTMENT “C” lists are:

  1. There is probable cause to believe Janine Orie who worked directly for Joan Orie Melvin, committed theft of service / diversion of services because she had control and direction of the staff of,  at that time, Superior Court Justice Orie Melvin, and directed them to do political work.
  2. There is probable cause to believe that Joan Orie Melvin committed misapplication of entrusted property because she applied taxpayer property entrusted to her in an unlawful manner (she used taxpayer property for her sister’s campaign).
  3. There is probable cause to believe that Janine Orie committed the crime of tampering or fabricating physical evidence. When an investigation was pending she instituted the removal, destroyed, concealed, or removed campaign related computer files with intent to hamper the investigation involving Senator janie Orie and the 2009 campaign of then Superior Court Judge Joan Orie Melvin.
  4. There is probable cause to believe that Janine Orie committed  criminal solicitation to commit tampering with physical evidence by directing a court employee to alter, destroy, conceal or remove campaign related computer files with the intent to impair the investigation.

The above Grand Jury finding  resulted in more charges being brought in addition to the previous charges.

The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board must  take note that Janine Orie appeared before the Allegheny Court on Friday, December 29, 2011 and was ordered to stand trial on charges that she directed sate-paid staffers to illegally do campaign work for Joan Orie Melvin while the justice was a judge at the lower appellate level.

These charges are being added to the charges Janine Orie and Senator Jane Orie Melvin face in February, 2012 that stemmed from the first Grand Jury Presentment which was the body of Pa Judicial Conduct Complaint #168 of 2010.

In the preliminary hearing on December 29, 2011, Janine Orie’s attorney admitted that political work was done but claimed it was minimal. This is a change from the past when political work was denied.

The hearing also listed sixteen new charges against Senator Jane Orie.

Additional knowledge and witness can be found by looking at the campaign assistance that was provided by Pennsylvania Senate staffers during the justice earlier campaigns.”

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