Governor Corbett’s Reform Report Card: Promises Made, Promises Broken

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Statement of Eric Epstein, Cofounder

(Harrisburg, Pa) -Eric Epstein, cofounder, Rock the Capital, reported on the gap between candidate Tom Corbett’s campaign reform promises and Governor Corbett’s determination to preserve the status quo. Mr. Epstein detailed – point-by-point – candidate Corbett’s trail of broken promises.

Mr. Epstein pointed to candidate Tom Corbett’s responses to the survey submitted to Democracy Rising and Rock the Capital on September 8, 2010. (Enclosed) Mr. Epstein observed, “Mr. Corbett’s reform pledges are a classic example of false advertising. We elected a guy who claimed to be a reformer, and promised to clean up state government. But Mr. Corbett lives like a king, and the only people cleaning-up are the Governor’s campaign contributors.”

As polling clearly and repeatedly demonstrate, Pennsylvanians of every persuasion overwhelmingly support government reform. Epstein said,”While the public is rallying around reform in record numbers, Mr. Corbett remains isolated in a political cave, content to govern by fiat.”

Epstein added that the culture of Harrisburg has not changed and public confidence in government is at an all time low, ”Real reform means the governor needs to reduce staffing, eliminate perks and ferret out cronyism and nepotism by banning the employment of relatives, campaign contributors and spouses.”

An update on the Corbett Administration’s meek “Government Reform” initiatives was presented in Luke Benrstein leaked Memo of Achievement, “Government Reform”, pp. 6-7. Mr. Bernstein’s Memo was an abrupt U-turn from candidate Corbett’s reform road map.

Mr. Epstein concluded, “When you compare Candidate Corbett’s commitments with Governor Corbett’s performance, it is clear that Mr. Corbett has flunked out of reform school.”

The full grade card and the poll are available as PDFs.

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