Pennsylvania’s House Majority Leader has no intention of Resigning

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Rep. Mike Turzai (R-28) House Majority Leader

The shouting is over, but its not the end of Wednesday’s raucous Rules Committee Meeting, not at least as far as Pennsyvlania Democratic Committee Chairman, Jim Burn, is concerned.

Burn has asked House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, (R-Allegheny) to resign his leadership post.

Rock The Capital was not successful in reaching Burn for comment.

Burn is quoted in the Patriot News as says its an “unfortunate incident that was supposed to be Day 1 of bi-partisan reform in Pennsylvania government,” Burn said Turzai stifled debate from Democratic members who didn’t like some proposed House rule changes the Republicans wanted to make.

Among the Republican proposals, reducing the number of Democrats on House Committees, and tabling amendments without putting a bill off limits.

Some Democrats screamed and swore before leaving the meeting. Burn told the Patriot that Turzai is not an effective leader. Burn apparently has also called on Governor Tom Corbett in support of  Turzai resigning his leadership post.

Steve Miskin, a spokesperson for Turzai, told Rock The Capital that the Majority Leader is not entertaining the thought, and “there is nothing to respond to.”

(To hear and see a portion of yesterday’s shouting match click on Rock The Capital)

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