PACS be careful of whom you harass, it might cost more than a Donation

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As of late I have been fielding some abrasive phone calls in search of a donation. I understand that “abrasive” and “donation,” do not usually appear in the same sentence,but that is the most skillful and objective way I can frame it.

I usually don’t write about telemarketers or other things that are personally bothersome, much like an uninvited fly at a picnic in August, who needs, or wants to know about that.

And, I would have kept my fly swatter to myself in this instance and let it ride out on the back of a midnight winter’s wind, had the same organization heeded my first, second, or third, “no thanks and please stop calling,” but the phone keeps ringing.

Typically I don’t answer calls from telephone numbers I don’t recognize, but you see the Republican Majority Campaign is sneakier than most organizations in soliciting for handouts, and I keep falling for it.

The RMC or the telemarketing firm it uses shields its identity with an unlisted number. I often field calls from lawmakers, such as former Governor Ed Rendell, understandably they call in on unlisted lines, and I am certainly not going to waste their time by screening those calls before picking up, which is how I keep getting tricked by RMC, a California based Political Action Committee.

Let me state right here, right now, this has exactly nothing to do with the Republican party. I would be carrying on the same way whether it was the Democrats, Tea-Party Movement, Independents, Communists, or the feather tying society from Minnehaha, Minnesota.

How many times does a person have to say,”no, thank you”, before those words resonate? But, that is not good enough, not for the Republican Majority Campaign; not by a long-shot. One RMC caller became rather testy when I started to ask questions, he told me in what I perceived as his most curt voice,”I don’t have time for this, so I will call back later and speak with your wife,” before abruptly hanging up.

I thought about filing a complaint with the FTC but that usually requires as much paperwork as writing an article, and satisfaction is not guaranteed. To boot, I would still spend time researching the company; which is exactly what I have done.

According to the Federal Election Commission, The Republican Majority Campaign raised more than $3.4 million in 2010. Of that, it donated less than the equivalent of a grain of sand to political candidates, a mere $21,000. By comparison, the RMC spent more on its credit card bill from American Express, $23,666. The bulk of the money, $2,686,236 was earmarked for Political Advertising. It managed to pinch enough pennies to pay its Executive Director Gary Kreep $106,405.

Gary Kreep

Rock The Capital did its level best to reach Kreep at the Republican Majority Campaign; only problem, it does not have a listed phone number for its Santa Ana Headquarters. I found an alternative way to reach Kreep. He is also the Executive Director of something called the United States Justice Foundation, which also willingly accepts donations. Kreep was not available, and I left a message including my phone number, which come to think of it, he already has in his database.

If grandma or grandpa thought their hard earned money was helping Republican candidates get elected, well they are sorely mistaken or misled. The average donation rolling into RMC’s coffers runs about $200, and the majority of its donors are seemingly retired.

I have not received a call from the RMC asking for a donation today, but its still early, and come to think of it, I have not heard from Kreep.

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