Review of NRC’s Public Meeting on the SOARCA Draft Report at Peach Bottom

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 by Scott Portzline

Report Summary

  1. The conclusions as represented by the NRC Office of Public Relations are misleading.
  2. The NRC has not clearly emphasized that SOARCA limited its simulations to a select group of scenarios.
  3. SOARCA does not include many aspects of nuclear accidents which would severely alter the outcomes and conclusions.
  4. The MELCOR software has numerous shortcomings and SOARCA should caution its readers that divergent results can easily be created.
  5. The NRC has not attempted to correct these misconceptions in the media.
  6. The NRC has a history of questionable or faulty probabilistic risk assessments.
  7. There has never been a timely evacuation order at any of the world’s nuclear accidents.

Download a PDF of the full report.

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