A Birdseye view of Pennsylvania’s Stake in Wisconsin

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(By Rick Smith) Representative Fred Clark of Wisconsin took time off the Wisconsin House Floor to help relate the situation to Pennsylvania. We talked about how Govenor Walker’s attack on our rights is “Part of a national agenda to eliminate public employee unions.” He made it clear that “This is a game changer… Nobody campaigned on the idea of eliminating the right of workers to organize in the workplace.”

National media has picked up coverage, but several days ago my producer went to a press conference Fred and the democrats held. We were the only press outside of Wisconsin there. Seven press outlets showed up. And hour later at least 49 different outlets went to Governor Walkers Propaganda Conference. We can’t let this dialogue be controlled by the corporate media because they’re only covering the corporate side of the story. Fred told us that the Democrats are fighting back because public employees are our “greatest asset”- we need to make sure Wisconsin keeps that so that Pennsylvania doesn’t have to have this fight.

Tom Corbett has been playing nice but the only way that continues is by keeping pressure on him. Saturday there’s a rally in Harrisburg to keep pressure. Also be sure to be telling the true story about what’s going on in your workplace. Print out the stories posted to our Facebook and Twitter. Send them around the office. If we don’t learn the organizing lesson here then we will lose when it comes to our door step.

His advice to Tom Corbett: Don’t go down this road.

(Rick Smith is a Rock the Capital contributor and hosts his own show, The Rick Smith Show.)

(To listen to Rick’s exclusive interview with Representative Clark click on Rock The Capital.)

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