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Dear Editor:

I write to express my concern and frustration that our elected representatives once again are shirking the opportunity and responsibility to lead by example. Governor Corbett’s  budget calls for significant cuts in service areas, proposed elimination of some 1,500 positions, a wage freeze and increased health care contributions for public sector employees, and a free pass for the natural gas industry. However, I would be more receptive and inclined to sharing the pain if it were more equitably distributed.

For starters, why isn’t Governor Corbett asking for the same concessions from the legislature and his own office? Why isn’t Governor Corbett asking for the return of most if not all of the $188M legislative surplus to help meet the proposed deficit? Why isn’t Governor Corbett insisting on rollbacks on benefits for legislators including the unconscionable cradle to grave coverage for legislators who retire with 10 or more years of service, their spouse and children under 21? Why isn’t Governor Corbett insisting on increased health contributions from the legislature? Why isn’t Governor Corbett insisting on freezing or eliminating COLA salary increases for legislators based on the Philadelphia area ?

From my experience in the military and work career it is clear to me that those who lead should not ask more of those who serve than of themselves.

Gerald Kelley

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