iPad 2 is on the Launching Pad

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Today’s the big day: the iPad 2 will be available in retail stores, beginning at 5:00 PM. The Apple Store (locally, that would be in Lancaster, King of Prussia, or Towson) is the official place to get one. Target, WalMart, AT&T, Verizon, and Apple Authorized Resellers are supposed to say they won’t have them until Monday, but most, if not all, will have the iPad in stock on sale this afternoon, beginning at 5:00.

What’s changed with the iPad 2? It has a newer, faster, dual-core processor. Graphics, in particular, have improved: the iPad 2’s graphic performance is “up to” nine times as fast as that of the original iPad. It’s also a third thinner and and ever so slightly lighter. More importantly, the back is flat. If your an owner of the original iPad, you know this is a big deal. The new model also has a front and rear-facing camera designed for FaceTime video chat with other iPads, iPhones, and Macintoshes. Battery life, screen size, and resolution are unchanged.

The iPad 2 is available for both Verizon and AT&T (as well as for WiFi only). AT&T offers two plans: $14.99 for 250 MB and $15 for each additional 250 MB thereafter, or $25 for 2 GB and $10 for each GB thereafter. Verizon charges $20 for 1 GB, $35 for 3 GB, $50 for 5 GB, and $80 for 10 GB. Verizon has not announced overage fees. AT&T and Verizon’s networks are not compatible, so you need to choose which you want when you purchase the iPad.

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