Prayers and Love to Japan

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When Eric Epstein and I founded we decided to take a different approach to the way politics and news are covered. We thoroughly understand that the most critical aspect is that politics and events are not things that just happen; the results are always about people.

People make decisions and people are affected by those decisions.

In the old media, news-people followed the dictates of detachment, while reporting the events. We have decidedly departed from that model because RocktheCapital is not some monolithic media company that can remove itself from the Japanese tragedy to chase after eyeballs and ratings.

Three Mile Island is less than 12 miles from our office. Many of us at RocktheCapital experienced that fearful March 32 years ago. For some, it changed the course of their lives, no one can say it did not touch them in someway.

Those personal experiences make it real, and incomprehensible to us as to what the people of Japan are now waking up to every morning.

Three reactors are potentially leaking unknown amounts of radiation, and while that is enough to fill anyone’s shoes with concern, it remains secondary to those who have lost loved ones, and those that are still searching for survivors; all while trying to grab hold of basic necessities such as food, water and shelter.

To the people of Japan, on behalf of all of us here at RocktheCapital, we send condolences to the families of the earthquake’s victims. In some small way, we can empathize with your fears, know that the tomodachi “friendship” we feel for you is genuine. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Eric J. Epstein & Andrew J. Stein Co-Founders,

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