No, Better Option in Japan but to release Radioactive Water into the Pacific Ocean

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The Tokyo Electric Power Company is dumping radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. A strategy that follows no protocol, but is now the only alternative, because workers have run out of storage containers at Fukushima Dai-ichi, and excess contaminated water is pooling around the nuclear power facility.

TEPCO has already released 10,000 tons into the ocean and intends to release more. “Its an unavoidable emergency measure,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said.

The water is roughly 100 times more radioactive than the acceptable level in Japan. Experts say radioactivity is quickly diluted in the ocean. Engineers say the releases should not contaminate seafood.

Edano put it this way, “even if they say the contamination will be diluted in the ocean, the longer this continues, the more radioactive particles will be released and the greater the impact on the ocean.”

The water now encircling the facility has prolonged attempts at re-starting the plant’s cooling systems, which is the most crucial task in trying to gain control of Fukushima. The nuclear power facility is comparable to a runaway train carrying fuel rods, and its been that way since a tsunami and earthquake struck Japan on March 11.

Crews are using almost any means possible to prevent fuel rods from a complete meltdown.

Hidehiko Nishiyma, a spokesperson for the Nuclear Safety and Industrial Agency, told the Associated Press,”We must keep putting water into the reactors to cool to prevent further damage, even though we know that there is a side effect, which is the leakage.”

A large radiation leak was discovered over the weekend, and it has baffled engineers. A crack in a so called maintenance pit was located, but the leak itself is still a mystery.

Workers have used dye to trace the path, with the no success Creating a new, complex, dangerous problem. What is leaking contains radioactive Iodine, some 10,000 times the legal limit and its seeping into the soil.

“There could be other possible passages that the water may be traveling. We must watch carefully and contain it as quickly as possible,” said Nishiyama.

And for the first time government officials in Japan have finally agreed with nuclear experts in the United States; restoring power to Fukushima will take months, and cleaning up the area is years in the making.

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