Philadelphia’s Funky Water

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Philadelphia has a mystery swirling in some of its drinking water. Elevated levels of Iodine-131 have turned at three locations around the city.

Iodine-131 is usually traced to nuclear reactor sites.

One might conclude Japan, or at least the Fukushima Dai-chi nuclear power plant is the source, but the tests were conducted in August, well before a tsunami and earthquake all but leveled that nuclear plant in March.

The level is still well within acceptable federal government guidelines. In other words, safe for all uses. But there are doctors and other health experts that don’t believe any amount of Iodine-131 is safe for consumption.

Other health experts have long argued its no worse than what most people are exposed to walking out their front door.

Debra McCarty, a deputy commissioner for Philadelphia’s Water Department told the Inquirer, “the water is safe. I drank mine this morning.”

The EPA has teamed up with Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection to find the source.

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