Time’s Up. No More Waiting For The Government We Want.

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by Tim Potts

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an organization that got political leaders to create the government most citizens want?

I know. That’s supposed to happen now. But we all know it doesn’t.

It’s what every candidate says he or she represents. But we all know they don’t.

How do we know? Because…

  • 72% of us want to tax smokeless tobacco and cigars, but the tobacco interests prevail year after year.
  • 71% of us want to tax Marcellus Shale, but lawmakers have failed us with a feeble fee that other states look at for comic relief.

The majority of us don’t support taxes just for the hell of it, though.

  • 83% of us want to maintain support for public schools, even in bad times, and are willing to sacrifice other programs and raise state taxes to do it. Our political leaders refuse to follow our lead.
  • 78% of us last spring didn’t want the state to cut funding for public schools in order to balance the budget. But the governor and lawmakers cut $860-900 million, forcing property taxes up and compromising the quality of education.
  • 57% of us are willing to pay higher driver’s license and car registration fees, but only to pay for road and bridge repairs. The governor and lawmakers couldn’t be bothered.

Most of us also know the reason why there is such a disconnect between what citizens want from their government and what their government is actually doing.

  • 78% of us want to reform the way political campaigns are financed. We see how special interest money perverts our government. Lawmakers refuse to change.

Because of that special interest money, Republicans keep leaning harder and harder in one direction while Democrats keep leaning harder and harder in another. Meanwhile no one is looking out for the people in the middle, who just happen to be the majority of citizens.

Until now.

Now there is a new political action committee called The Majority Party PA, which exists solely to get the government that most of us want.

While the major parties start with an ideology and try to persuade people to buy into it, we start with a classic free-market approach: find out what the majority of citizens want and make it happen.

Our only ideology is the founding vision of the United States of America and this Commonwealth. It is the idea that we citizens have the right to govern ourselves, and the role of the government is to help us do that.

We know a great deal about what citizens want and don’t want from their government. But news coverage and public debate focus on the fringes of political dialog because there has been no organized attempt to focus on the majority, the whole majority, and no one but the majority.

Until now.

The political agenda of The Majority Party PA comes solely from public opinion research that meets national standards for transparency and quality (www.aapor.org.). It does not consist, however, of attempts to weaken the human, political, religious, and other rights of citizens. Rights are off the table.

To enforce the citizens’ agenda, The Majority Party PA uses a pledge (two candidates have signed so far), a report card this fall, and active engagement in election contests when we have the money and can make a difference.

The pledge simply commits the candidate to be a public servant – you remember that concept – faithfully using public office to represent the majority of citizens.

The success of The Majority Party PA will depend entirely on its ability to speak the language politicians understand: numbers of people and amounts of money. And that will depend on whether enough citizens believe in this idea and contribute to it (just five bucks a month, by the way).

Political professionals look at this idea and say, “It’ll never happen. People won’t stand up for themselves. They never have.”

Until now?

Go to www.themajoritypartypa.com. Subscribe for free to get the latest in public opinion research as it happens. Support the majority for just five bucks a month.

And remember: America’s founders are counting on you to prove them right.

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