Statement of Eric Epstein in Support of “Resign to Run” Legislation

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Elected officials are no longer above the law or below the radar.

Because of Bonusgate we must admit that voluntary, self policing polices regarding public service and political promotion have failed. From “cut and gut” legislation to pay raise madness to the back door pension scam to the budget debacle, Pennsylvania is sorely in need of an ethical transfusion.

All of the gubernatorial candidates are benefitting from holding one office while seeking to relocate to the Governor’s mansion. You can’t claim you’re working a full-time job on behalf of the people while simultaneously running a full-time campaign on behalf of yourself.

How many private employers pay their employees to look for another job on the company clock?

Attorney General Tom Corbett should resign, and allow the Attorney General’s office to fully commit itself to aggressively prosecuting Bonusgate and other political corruption cases.

Likewise, all candidates seeking the state’s highest office should resign their public charge and set a new standard for elected officials, including: Joe Hoeffel, Dan Onorato, Sam Rohrer, Jack Wagner, and Anthony Williams.

It’s past time for a “resign-to run” law in Pennsylvania. Five states, including Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, and Texas, do not allow certain public officials from using their positions as an elective launch pad.

Rock The Capital supports a “resign-to-run” law that does not target officials, and is modeled on the Florida statute. Florida’s “resign-to- run” law prohibits elected or appointed “officers” from qualifying as a candidate for another state, district, county or municipal public office if the terms or any part of the terms overlap with each other if the person did not resign from the office the person presently holds. (Section 99.012(3), Florida Statutes.)

In addition, the practice of lending staff to a political campaign needs to be eliminated. A state employee is either essential all of the time or not needed any of the time.

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