Tom’s Top Twelve Tall Tales: Tale #1

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Governor Tom tells tall tales. And the number one pick for Tom’s Top 12 Tall Tales is –  I am going to change the culture of Harrisburg.

Actually, tall tale number one is true, Gov. Corbett has changed the culture of Harrisburg -from bad to worse.

Gov. Corbett’s first cabinet appointment was coal baron C. Alan Walker, CEO of Bradford Energy, to be Secretary of Community and Economic Development. The Commonwealth had to go after Walker and his company to clean up more than 150 million gallons of polluted water from the mines it owned.  As you can see from Tom’s Top Twelve Tall Tales number 2, Coal baron C. Alan Walker gave $80,000 to Gov. Corbett’s campaign.

Another of Gov. Corbett’s earliest appointments was Roger Nutt as CEO of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Roger’s son Brian just happened to be Corbett’s political campaign manager.

The 30 member Marcellus Shale Commission was charged with overseeing “… how we can build around this new industry and how we can make certain we do this while protecting our lands, our drinking water, our air, and our communities, all the while growing our workforce. The commission was stacked 21 with commissioners with ties to the gas and oil interests and only 7 environmentalists. To my knowledge no one on the commission had any knowledge of water issues.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency has had to step in to monitor the gas drilling.

Remember transparency in government? There was no transparency in the budget process that proposed over half a billion dollars in basic education funding and a 50% cut in money for public universities. The only thing Republicans seem to tout was that they had finished before the deadline.

Remember transparency in government and fairness? There was no transparency in the redistricting process. They just hauled it out a few days before they passed it and Gov. Corbett signed it.

Remember fairness? Legislative districts were gerrymandered to help Republican insiders like Jeff Piccola get re-elected and then re-gerrymandered when Piccola decided to quit because someone challenged his motives. They even threw one of their own, Sen. Mike Folmer of Lebanon under the bus by connecting his district with Harrisburg. Folmer was the lone Republican to vote against the gerrymander. Gov. Corbett signed the bill.

Legislative districts were gerrymandered to help Republicans keep power in Congress. Again, Gov. Corbett signed the changes.

Knowing that President Obama is likely to win Pennsylvania, Gov. Corbett and the Republicans are designing legislation to change the allocation of Pennsylvania’s Presidential electors.

Even though there has never been a problem with voter fraud, Gov. Corbett wants require voters to have a driver’s license ID in order to vote in the upcoming election. The result will be to suppress the votes of older people who do not drive, poorer people who cannot afford a card, urban people who rely more on public transportation, college students who come to Pennsylvania from out of state in order to get a great education, minorities who for any of the above reasons and other, who do not own a car. Can you guess how these constituencies tend to vote?

Tom tells tall tales. Welcome to life in a red state.

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