Here’s how Corbett campaigns on the public dime ‘legally’

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“Please hold and someone will be with you shortly.”

It’s a phrase that don’t hear from an elected official.

Included in this email is a link to a file recorded from the Attorney General’s on hold ‘commercials’. The commercials, paid for with tax dollars promote Tom Corbett every step along the way.

Interesting the ‘on hold’ commercials promote another public campaign tool – Corbett’s website and his email alerts.

Every email has multiple ‘Attorney General TOM CORBETT’ making sure to raise his name ID.

The following campaign posters measuring almost 1 1/2 feet by 2 feet are placed throughout Pennsylvania PUBLIC buildings. The posters feature Tom Corbett almost a foot high and his name prominently featured. public campaign poster 2.JPG

But even more troubling is a program that Tom Corbett created to have his staffers ‘campaign’ in senior centers throughout Pennsylvania. Corbett spent taxpayer money (without a contract according to a ‘denied’ RTK request.)

“Corbett noted that last year the Senior Crime Prevention University program hosted more than 200 events and was presented to nearly 8,600 older Pennsylvanians.

Corbett created the Attorney General’s Elder Abuse Unit in 2006 to investigate and prosecute senior abuse. A special section within the Unit educates the public about senior fraud using the Senior Crime Prevention University program, which was recently redesigned.

The new program contains an interactive educational DVD video that portrays common senior scams such as; account verification; charitable contributions; checks and money orders; estate planning, home improvements, and power of attorney.”

Corbett’s office REFUSED to release a copy of the DVD in a timely matter – dragging their feet until MONDAY – the day before the election! They also claimed they needed a month to telll just how many places they sent the election/campaign posters!

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