“If Disabled People are going to Die without Services, we’re going to do it Publicly.”

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(By Rick Smith)

“If disabled people are going to die without services, we’re going to do it publicly”

Those are the words of disabled activity Cassie Holdworth-James from Philadelphia who spoke to me today during ADAPT’s occupation of our capital. Watch her video.

Yesterday 30 disabled citizens rolled into their capitol in Harrisburg, PA asking to meet with their governor Tom Corbett.  They were ignored.  In fact, they were worse than ignored.  The Corbett squad saw fit to put 25 uniformed and undercover security people standing all around these citizens whose only crime was to ask their governor hear their concerns. Check out the pictures and video of them here. A wheel chair bound spokeswoman said she believed the governor and his republican allies budget is going to cost people like her their lives, and, that she was not going to day in private. She was going to die in public for everyone to see what the budget cuts did. These 30 brave activist have started down a path that we must all follow in order to protect the most vulnerable and needy in our society.  Budgets have been called a moral document that shows ones priorities.  This budget shows the republican priorities, but it is not moral .For those of you outside Pennsylvania we need to learn from these people who already are up against huge odds.

Forward this to a friend to get their story out. Local media didn’t tell their story. National media won’t. We have too.

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