What’s Sarah doing?

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She was Chris Matthews’ top story Tuesday night because the Republican presidential candidate line-up, he said, is “boring.” Here in Pennsylvania, we have just cleared the Primaries; in four months we will select county commissioners and school board members. We have about 16 months before we need to choose or re-elect a president, but Chris Matthews is bored.

“It’s only exciting because the Republican Party doesn’t have any excitement,” MSNBC’s Matthews said of Palin-hype.

That’s his excuse?

For the past three days, all the Big Media stars have been stumbling over their lines, wondering what Sarah’s up to, while she bounces from bike parade to civil war monument to small town coffee shop, to … sign anything her fans put in front of her.

Tuesday evening she was to visit The Donald. I bet the two of them had a wonderful laugh over their trips to the bank.

“The purpose is to make sure that people are aware of the good things of America that need to be restored,” Sarah told a reporter Monday evening of her bus tour.

She has said she wants to be a king maker, and she is going about it the right way.

Besides being a woman, she is “one of us.”

She is not a politician, as many pundits regularly point out, and she does not trust the press, although she makes masterful use of it.

She does not go around expounding on how she would fix the many problems the nation faces; she simply exhorts her followers to take back their country and the values for which it stands.

And one day she will point out how on Memorial Day 2011, hundreds of her loyal subjects stood all day in Gettysburg in 90-degree perspiration, waiting for her to arrive, even though she had not actually said she would.

All she has to do, she will tell the eventual Republican presidential candidate, is tell her minions to show up at the polls …

Truth is, I would not be surprised to discover that she not only reads a newspaper or two, but that not being able to mention even the name of the Juneau Empire (the newspaper of Alaska’s state capital – where she served, for part of a term, as governor) was a planned move.

By the time she was selected to fill John McCain’s veep slot in 2008, his campaign was in far distant second place. In 1984, Walter Mondale’s presidential bid was going nowhere. He selected Geraldine Ferarro to be his running mate – the first woman vice-presidential candidate in U.S. history.

It didn’t work for Mondale and 24 years later it didn’t work for McCain.

But it worked for Sarah Palin.

On a hunting segment of her reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” I watched Sarah, her dad, and her dad’s friend trek the tundra in search of a caribou for the family dinner table. While her dad and the friend carried backpacks, Sarah was laden with a tiny fanny pack. The men carried the guns, too, and when it was time to actually shoot a ’bou, one of them cocked a rifle and handed it to her, and she shot the critter.

At the end of the segment, she climbed into an airplane for the flight back to base camp, again not carrying a rifle.

But when the plane landed, she climbed out, a hunting rifle slung over her shoulder. Sarah the intrepid outdoorswoman, sat in a camp chair and discussed the rigors of living in “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” with another woman resident of the tundra, and all the while, held that rifle.

It may be that Sarah Palin is as simple as she appears.

I wouldn’t count on it.

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