Top Ten Busiest American Highways Based on Annual Loss of Work Hours

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Highway Hours /Fuel* Wasted Cost of Congestion
1) Harbor Fwy.
(Los Angeles, NB: 3.1 miles)
1.44 million/2.17 million $95 million
2) Harbor Fwy.
(Los Angeles, NB: 6.5 miles)
1.13 million/3.67 million $158.17 million
3) San Diego Fwy.
(San Diego, NB: 13.1 miles)
965,000/6.06 million $269.93 million
4) Van Wyck Expy.
(New York City, NB: 3.1 miles)
690,000/1.09 million $46.93 million
5) San Gabriel Fwy.
(Los Angeles, SB: 4.8 miles)
681,000/1.64 million $703.45 million
6) Santa Monica Fwy.
(Los Angeles, EB: 14.9 miles)
640,000/4.67 million $203.99 million
7) Santa Monica Fwy.
(Los Angeles, WB: 12.6  miles)
633,000/12.6 million $169.84 million
8) James Lick Fwy.
(San Francisco, EB: 3.6 miles)
600,000/1.005 million $43.71  million
9) Grove Shafter
(San Francisco, WB: 3.5  miles)
600,000/934,000 $43.34  million
10) Los Angeles 1-110.
(Los Angeles, SB: 2.5 miles)
82,000/670,000 $30.93 million


* Gallons.

Source:  Business Insider, (November 17, 2011)
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