John Baer: It’s the Guv’s behavior that fuels the rumor mill

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From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Both the Guv and Snow, who goes by Dr. Snow, deny an affair.

(Her degree, she explains in an e-mail exchange, is a DBA, a doctorate in business administration, through “distance learning” from Southwest University, in Kenner, La., which, according to its Web site, no longer offers such a degree. She also has a vanity license plate: DRSNOW.)

Rendell calls all this personal, “between me and my family,” calls Snow a good friend, says their affair denials are “the truth,” and adds, “Don’t ask me again.”

Point is, no one would have asked in the first place were it not for Ed’s penchant for parading around with attractive blondes who are not his wife.

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