Groups highlight stalled reform of legislative pay

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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

As the calendar today marks one of the most inglorious moments in the state Legislature — the much-criticized, later-rescinded pay raise of 2005 — watchdog groups say they’re not impressed with post-pay raise efforts to reform state government and keep voters informed.

Democracy Rising PA and Rock the Capital Tuesday challenged the gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Dan Onorato and Republican Tom Corbett, to take the lead on several upcoming reform measures, including pushing for a “limited constitutional convention.”

“Citizens need a megaphone to reach our tone-deaf lawmakers, and the only one loud enough to do the job is the governor,” said Democracy Rising’s Tim Potts.
Rock the Capital’s list of 60 state lawmakers who haven’t returned the pay raise

Rock the Capital’s Eric Epstein said 60 legislators — 53 in the House and seven in the Senate — never returned the higher pay they received from July to November 2005, when the raise was rescinded. That gave them salaries higher than they deserved and will lead to higher pensions for many of them, he noted.

“Things are not going to change until we have a constitutional convention,” Mr. Epstein said.

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