Reformers: No Change in Legislative Attitude

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From WDUQNews:

Leading good government advocates say the state legislature has only given lip service to reform in the five years since its infamous pay raise vote.

It’s been five years since lawmakers voted to increase their own pay in the middle of the night.

The act was later repealed due to public outcry, but the salary hike cost many lawmakers their jobs during 2006 elections.

Tim Potts of Democracy Rising PA says for the most part, the legislative culture hasn’t changed over the past five years.

He points out both chambers waived transparency rules last week to rush budget votes through on short notice.

“Well we’ve said all along that rules are the junk food of governance. What we need are laws. And if they’re not willing to give us laws then we can have no faith that they’re willing to abide by their own rules.”

Eric Epstein of Rock the Capital backs a number of reform efforts.

“Among the things people are looking at is reducing the size of the legislature, part-time legislators. Redistricting, campaign finance reform. But the important thing is to take the dialogue to the people and have a constitutional convention”

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