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Henri Quatre was King of Navarre France from 1572 to 1610. Baptized a Catholic, he became a Huguenot (Protestant) as a young man. Henri Quatre was also the natural male heir to the throne of France. In order to become king, he had to renounce his Huguenot faith. “Paris is worth a Mass,” he allegedly said. And with a shake of the 17th century equivalent of an Etch-a-sketch, Henri Quatre became a Catholic.

Mitt Romney is the 21st century version of Henri Quatre. Everyone knows this, even Republicans.

When he was governor of Massachusetts, his official portrait depicts Romney with a flag in the background, a picture of his wife Ann, and that little book in the lower right hand corner of the portrait.

That little book is a copy of the Massachusetts affordable health care act, Romney Care, a law that provides health care for all the citizens in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Romney was proud of this act and he should be. The Massachusetts Affordable Health Care Act was the model the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate used to pass the federal affordable care act, disparaged by Republicans as Obama Care.

Here is what Republican candidate for president Romney now has to say about his own legislation: “Obama Care is bad news and if I am president of the United States, I will repeal it.”

Apparently, Washington is worth a Mass or at least a few shakes of the Etch-a-sketch.

Here are a few more shakes from the Romney Etch-a-sketch.

“I have never supported the President’s recovery act, the stimulus … no time, no where, no how.”

“I think there is need for economic stimulus.”

“I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.”

“The next step in the sanctity of life is to see that Roe v. Wade is overturned.”

“Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan Bush, I’m not trying to return to Reagan Bush.”

“The principles that Ronald Reagan espoused, are as true today as when Ronald Reagan spoke them.”

“I believe the world’s gettin’ warmer. I believe that humans contribute to that.”

“We don’t know what’s causing climate change on this planet.

“I won’t sign a ‘No new taxes’ pledge.”

“I am proud to be the only major candidate for president to sign the tax pledge.”

“I just signed a new piece of legislation extending the ban on assault weapons.”

“I do not support any new legislation of an assault weapons ban nature.”

“TARP got paid back and kept the financial system from collapsing … it was the right thing to do.”

“TARP ought to be ended.”

“I’m not willing to sit back and say ‘Too bad for Michigan … too bad for the car industry.”

“Let Detroit go bankrupt.”

“Corporations are people, my friends.”

“I am not a corporation.”  – One of his justifications as to why he won’t release his income tax records.

While he speaks of ethics, we remember the fake corporation that came into existence, donated a million dollars to the Romney campaign, and then immediately went out of business.

While he speaks of ethics for political purposes, he notes his “retroactive retirement” from Bain Capital, during which time his company took over hurt businesses, put people out of work, raided the retirement funds, and made profits for himself. However, when he speaks of ethics for tax purposes, he continued to be listed as the CEO of Bain Capital so that those profits could be placed in oversees tax shelters in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, and elsewhere.

Small wonder he won’t release his tax returns.

While he speaks of ethics, he accepts campaign contributions from those who have profited enormously while the economy has recovered slightly – $367,200 from Goldman Sachs, $203,750 from Credit Suisse (Swiss) Group, $199.800 from Morgan Stanley, just to name a few.

Jesus loves Mitt. Everyone else, even Republicans, knows he’s the Etch-a-sketch guy, a fully sponsored, bought and paid for, completely owned corporate shill, the Henri Quatre of our times.

But what Republicans, especially social conservatives, don’t know is that Paul Ryan is Henri Quatre, Viceroy of our times.

Paul Ryan says, “I am proud of my pro-life record.” He shouldn’t, but here is his record.

As a U.S. House member, Ryan has co-sponsored several anti-abortion measures that make no allowance for rape.

He co-sponsored the so-called “personhood” stating that life begins at conception.

Along with other colleagues in the House, he worked for a constitutional amendment outlawing all abortion. There are no exceptions, not even for rape.

But then, fellow Republican Representative Todd Akin, the fellow Republican representative who co-sponsored all of the above anti-abortion legislation with Representative Ryan, said to a national audience what he said to the local yokels.

From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare… If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Before you could say: “How did this guy wind up on the House Science Committee?” it was time to shake the Paul Ryan Etch-a-sketch.

“Todd Akin should resign.”

“Mitt Romney is at the top of the ticket.”

“Mitt Romney believes in legal abortions in the cases of rape or incest and that is the platform we are running on.”

“We are not going to take away your birth control.”

You know that constitutional amendment outlawing abortions with no exceptions that has been in every Republican Party platform since 1993? Just ah, just pretty much ignore it.

Todd Akin is a true believer. Dr. John C. Willke, the author of the junk science on rape, is a true believer. Rick Santorum is a true believer.

Paul Ryan is not.

Like Mitt, Paul Ryan, is an Etch-a-sketch kind of guy, a fully sponsored, bought and paid for, completely owned corporate shill, the Henri Quatre viceroy of our times.

Social conservatives and Main Street Republicans, you have been warned.

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