The Frack-Mobile

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The future has arrived in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale country, and it looks similar to the picture below. This is GE’s new mobile evaporator: as they say in GE land: its imagination at work.

Imagining is all we can do about this new technology. Why? Well RocktheCapital reached out to Masto Communications, (a New York state based public relations firm GE hired to communicate with the media), on Monday to learn about the mobile evaporator and its seemingly remarkable  ability to clean water spoiled by chemicals used in fracking. The process drillers use to siphon off natural gas trapped a mile below the earth’s surface.

One would have to assume Masto would be plenty thrilled to talk about the Frack-Mobile. That is what they are paid to do. No, Masto did not coin that name, RocktheCapital did. As a journalist, for more than two decades — I could not believe what I heard when I requested information.

Beth Coffman, an Account Supervisor, told me in an email, “Unfortunately, many of the people GE who would be able to talk to you about the mobile evaporator are at a trade show. Maybe in the future we can arrange an interview. Thank you.”

Not a single person from GE, ( a company roughly 300,000 strong) or Masto apparently owns a Blackberry, iPhone, or one of  hundreds of other forms of instant communication on the market these days. Following the first email volley, RTC asked Coffman if we could reach a representative at the trade show? (The show is in New Orleans, and at last check, most forms of communication  have been restored since hurricane Katrina) This is the response we received in a second email. “I [Coffman] reached out to the communications team, and GE has to respectively decline due to scheduling this week,” said Beth Coffman.

We would like to tell readers more about the Frack-Mobile’s capability, and which companies GE is working with; to give the honourable citizens of Frackland clean water. RTC spoke to Leslie Avakian; she lives in an area largely impacted by the natural gas rush, and she wants to know how much noise it makes? Well, Leslie, RTC will continue to work on it, but for now, like us, Leslie use your imagination: as in, imagination at work.

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