Lincoln University will not fire a professor that claims the Holocaust was a hoax

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Lincoln Executive Vice President Michael Hill stated in a letter that the english professor’s “statements and assertions are his own, and they in no way represent the views of Lincoln University or me. His statements on this issue reflect poorly on the reputation and integrity of Lincoln University.”

University President Ivory Nelson, met with some legislators and the Chairman of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education this afternoon.,

Lincoln has come under a firestorm since it became known that Kaukab Siddique, (pictured below), an associate professor in its English department called for the destruction of Israel, and has stated the Holocaust was a hoax.

“Siddique writes, “Open up the discussion of the Holocaust story. What did really happen in World War II? The Auschwitz gas chambers story has been meticulously analyzed, rebutted, and destroyed by critics like Mark Weber, David Irving. Germar Rudolf and Wilhelm Staeglich. These are scholars following the highest levels of scholarship. Notice that the chain bookstores do not carry their books and the corporate media simply do not mention them. Read even one of them and you will be rid of the holocaust myth forever. Don’t take the “holocaust” issue lightly. It is the main source of funds for international Jewry. It is Israel’s milk cow.”

Siddique has been employed at Lincoln for more than two decades and up until now somehow fell below the radar. According to CBN News, Siddique has been writing and speaking in anti-Semitic tones for years.

Siddique’s blend of vitriol did not surface until one of his diatribes recently appeared on youtube.

“Israel is an ILLEGITIMATE, TERRORIST entity…DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH JEWS unless they clearly say that Israel is illegitimate….,” said Siddique.

This certainly caught the attention of Senator Daylin Leach (D-17th District). Leach fired off a letter to President Nelson reminding him of the financial support that the university receives from the state (about $200 million over the past seven years).

“We support academic freedom and certainly a professor has the right to criticize Israel, or any other entity or policy he wishes. However, we are all familiar with the adage “you are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts,” writes Leach.

Executive Vic President Hill wrote, “his (Siddique) latest activities, like his earlier writings and statements, are an insult to all decent people.”

Hill went on to say that Siddique is tenured –Therefore, we cannot take action at this time based on the content of Dr. Siddique’s statements and opinions – no matter how insidious they may be — without undermining the principles on which Lincoln University was founded and the values by which we exist today.”

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