Corbett Responds to Integrity Questionnaire

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Rock the Capital and Democracy Rising PA received the response from Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett to the groups’ Integrity Questionnaire.

His answers to the 12 questions appear side-by-side with responses from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato on the DR web site. Click here.

The questions addressed issues raised by the 28th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury, including its recommendation for a Constitution convention dealing with the legislature. There also are questions about WAMs (Walking Around Money), which this year are reported to cost $129 million, and about the legislature’s surplus, estimated to be $180 million to $200 million.

In the interest of fairness, we have to report that we received Onorato’s response on August 2 and Corbett’s response on September 8. This gave Corbett the opportunity to see Onorato’s response when preparing his own, while Onorato did not have a similar opportunity to see Corbett’s response.

There are differences in each candidate’s approach to public integrity in general and to specific aspects of public integrity. We invite you to read the candidates’ words and urge you to share them along to others by forwarding this edition of DR News.

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