Whose government is it? Your priorities and theirs.

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by Democracy Rising

Those who suspect the legislature of wasting time and money on frivolous issues have a new poster child. It is the proposal by Rep. Scott Perry, York, to make English the official language of PA, with plenty of exceptions.

Popular with a few, it’s a non-starter for just about everyone else. In the August 2011 Franklin & Marshall College Poll (see page 11) exactly 0% of PA citizens considered immigration to be one of the state’s top issues.

This is not surprising. Since 2005, only twice has “immigration” (which is as close as the polls came to the English-only issue) even registered as a blip on the public radar screen of concerns, with “blip” being the operative word. Only 1% in a 2006 poll placed immigration on the list, and the high water mark was 2% a year later.

Here’s the York Dispatch’s take on the issue: Officially nonsense, Sept. 22.

Take a look at the poll to see what concerns most people, and ask yourself whether state government is doing the job you want it to do.

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