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Lincoln University is going to have to summon all the political influence its earned over the past 156 years to restore a heavily tarnished image as an institution of tolerance and open arms.

Its unfortunate that a couple of professors, one current, the other a former, speaking in a unified voice of antisemitism and playing up the Holocaust as a fairy tale can wreak such putrid on a college founded to combat racism, promote harmony, and give young African-Americans an equal footing on the ladder of opportunity.

But such is the case now that Kaukab Siddique, (below), a tenured associate professor of Englishhave gone viral with his message of death to Israel, and to suggest that the Holocaust is a made up to keep Jews in the money.

“I really object to Lincoln being characterized as being a culture of hate,” Vice-President Michael Hill said in an interview with Rock The Capital.

While there is no clear indication that the professor articulated his views of anti-Judiasm in the classroom, – it was known that the long-time professor held these views.

Siddique has published his thoughts and, off campus has been plenty vocal. Hill says its hands are legally bound, with no wiggle room in Siddique’s contract to fire him, for the dishonor cast upon an otherwise venerable institution.

Lincoln, located near Oxford, is the oldest degree-granting black university and its alumni includes the likes of Thurgood Marshall, the first black appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court Justice and     renowned Poet Langston Hughes.

RTC asked Hill if he wished that Siddique leave the university of his own free will..“You know I can’t comment on that. I can’t make a comment as much as I would like to answer that question.”

Rock The Capital reported last week on another hate mongering Professor by the name of Abdulalim Shabazz. Shabazz  like Siddique has called for the destruction of Israel and maintains the Holocust is a myth. Shabbaz taught math at Lincoln up until three or four years ago.

Is it a coincidence or is there an atmosphere at Lincoln fostering the mentality?

“Absolutely not. To have one professor and a former professor — to connect the dots to foster an atmosphere that harbors that is a stretch.”

Lawmakers with support from Pennsylvania’s Legislative Black Caucus intend to hold hearings and while, Hill says the university will cooperate – it is clearly bothersome, especially since the university relies on the state for oodles of money.

Its received some $200 million dollars just over the past seven years.

“The legislative branches need to do its job as it sees fit,” Mr. Hill said, “I am hopeful it is going to get resolved in a way that provides minimum damage to the university.”

If Lincoln can not  pressure Siddique to leave on his own, he could jeopardize the university ‘s ability to educate students – even in America, one can still have a difficult time creating tens of millions of dollars out of hate.

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