Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue is listing names and collecting money

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Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue has found success in its new tool to get people and business that are delinquent to pay up. Since the program started last August, more than 2,400 liens, or about 12 million dollars have been collected.

The list of names is still roughly 50,000 strong, and the collective payment adds up to more than $344 million in state taxes. In November, 562 names were removed, however, at the same time some 3,136 new liens were filed.

The list includes all outstanding state tax liens filed between July 1, 2009 and Dec. 1, 2010 and it’s updated monthly.

Publicly identifying tax delinquents has proved to be successful in Pennsylvania as well as neighboring states such as, New York and Virginia.

Liens are recorded in the prothonotary’s office of the county where the person lives or does business. Amounts listed on the website represent the original amount owed. Current figures can vary day to day since the lien was filed.

Anyone appearing on the list should call the Revenue Department at 717-783-3000 to make payment arrangements.

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