Ed Rendell’s Top Ten Gaffes

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10) “Imbeciles.”

Governor Rendell on the Commonwealth Foundation: “What these imbeciles don’t understand is that most cost drivers in a budget, you don’t control.” Matt Brouillette, CEO, of the Foundation responded, “Clearly the governor’s mathematically challenged because a budget at $26.1 billion and the growth to $27.494 billion even by a third-grader’s calculation is 5.3 percent.”

Wonder who the imbecile was who created a $4 billion structural deficit?

9) “She didn’t ask me for anything.”

Rendell explaining why he took a phone call from Alycia Lane after the attractive KYW news anchor took a shot at a cop in New York City.

8) “Let’s fly!”

Fast Eddy’s confession that he usually flaunts the speed limit.

7) “Certifiable.”

In 2007 Senator Mike Folmer made the mistake of sponsoring legislation to limit spending increases to about 3.2 percent. “He’s certifiable,” Rendell said of Folmer.

Then the Governor shut down another state hospital.

6) “Janet’s perfect for that job. Because for that job, you have to have no life.”

Gov. Ed Rendell on former Arizona Governor’s Janet Napolitano appointment to head the Department of Homeland Security.

5) “One of the best 10 people I’ve met.”

Referring to disgraced fundraiser, former fugitive, Rendell contributor, and convicted felon – Norman Hsu.

Rumor has it that “best people list” includes former Governors from Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and South Carolina

4) Rendell appeals for Fumo leniency.

Gov. Rendell wrote a “character reference” to Judge Buckwalter in support of Vince Fumo prior to sentencing. Although Fumo spied on Rendell and was a “ruthless politician,” Rendell also said the former Senator had “a deep sense of social responsibility.”

Next in line for a support letter: Bill DeWeese? John Perzel? Bob Mellow?

3) “He is about as mentally stable as that guy who ate all those people.

The Governor commenting on his political role model.

2) “Butt kissing Ed.”

“If I didn’t sign it [pay raise bill], I might have been governor for the next five years, but I would have gotten nothing done, literally, because I need the cooperation of the Legislature. I’ve had remarkable success in getting seven major initiatives enacted into law …so you have to kiss a little butt.”

You don’t want the lipstick container the Guv uses to sign the pork bills.

1) “Snow Job.”

“I should go out and find an unattractive woman to have an affair with.”

Monogamous Ed trying to explain that he was not having an affair with Kristin Snow aka the former Ms. Pennsylvania.

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