Part 1: The Taxpayer Chain Gang

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by Jeff Coleman and Eric J. Epstein

An old and misguided political adage claimed that Democrats built schools and Republicans built prisons.  It’s simply not true, and the reality is much more complex.

It would be far more accurate to… Read the rest

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The Pension Iceberg One Decade Later

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New Report Shows Pension Debt Skyrockets 730 Percent in Ten Years

June 2, 2016, HARRISBURG, Pa.—In 2006, the president of the largest state workers’ union stated, “Pennsylvania is not the Titanic, and there are no icebergs in our… Read the rest

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Pennsylvania’s Pension Liability Climbs to Over $66 Billion: No Solution in Sight

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by Eric Epstein and researched by Richard Dreyfuss,

Pennsylvania’s pension time bomb continues to grow despite the rhetoric kicked around the Capitol.  Official “figures” tend to not fully account for the magnitude of the problem. Pennsylvania’s pension funding standards are… Read the rest

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Memorial Day

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Memorial Day

Many people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring military personnel who died in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained… Read the rest

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Lower Paxton Showdown on June 7, 2016

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Lower Paxton Notice June 7 BOS Hearing (PDF)

Neighbors of Lower Paxton

Heated meeting over Lower Paxton Township construction project

ABC 27 investigates conflict of interest in controversial construction project

ABC 27 Investigation: Lower Paxton moved controversial construction closer toRead the rest

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PA DEP News Release : Wolf Administration Investing $25.1 Million in Projects to Protect and Improve Pennsylvania Water Resources

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This message is to notify you that a news release has been added to the PA DEP Website at


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Calculation of the Combined PSERS & SERS Unfunded Liability Rolled Forward to May 2, 2016

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Data assembled by Richard Dreyfuss, Independent Consultant

Presented by Eric Epstein on May 9, 2016

PSERS estimates its asset value using a 10 year rolling average which is allowed under Act 120.

The actuarial standard for… Read the rest

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Eric Epstein of RTC and Rick Dreyfuss on new pensions

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Listen to Hour 2

Listen to Hour 3

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On verge of shutdown, PA’s straggling horse-racing industry could get more help

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by Andrew Staub

Pennsylvania’s wilting horse-racing industry can no longer support the fund that pays to oversee the sport, a development that could lead to a shutdown by late November.

Yet the races could go on, through Thanksgiving and thereafter,… Read the rest

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DEP Reaches Natural Resource Damage Settlement with Talen Generation, LLC for 2005 Martins Creek Ash Spill

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Dept. of Environmental Protection

Commonwealth News Bureau
Room 308, Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg PA., 17120


Colleen Connolly, DEP
DEP Reaches Natural Resource Damage Settlement with

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