Harrisburg Incinerator

When Harrisburg entered the state’s Act 47 program for distressed municipalities in December 2010, the debt for the retrofit of the Harrisburg Incinerator was  $288 million.

The Pennsylvania Senate’s Committee’s on Local Government held a second hearing on the Harrisburg Incinerator on Tuesday, November  13, 2012.

Testimony was submitted from current city and Dauphin County officials, former members of the Harrisburg Authority and financial advisers Absent form the proceeding were technical or engineering experts.

Former city receiver David Unkovic’s testimony is enclose.

Enclosed is a graphic from the Committee outlining “Revenues Available for Debt Service and Shortfalls.


Right to Know Requests

Dauphin County Stonewalls on Incinerator


Harrisburg Authority

Right to Know Request No. 2012-42

Right to Know Request No. 2012-43

Right to Know Request No. 2012-44

Right to Know Request No. 2012-45

Right to Know Request No. 2012-46

Presentation to City Council on 9/13/13