Marcellus Shale Vocabulary

Marcellus Shale: a sedimentary rock formation named after the town of Marcellus, New York where the shale is distinctly exposed at ground surface.
The shale formation is an exceptional source of natural gas.

Hydraulic Fracturing (“fracking”): a process which forces water, sand and chemicals under high pressures into rock formations to expose and extract natural gas.

Natural Gas: a mixture of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) which are primarily methane.

Well Pad:
a drilling site containing a drilling tower and equipment covering 2-3 acres.

Wellbore: the hole created by drilling.

Vertical Drilling: constructing a borehole from ground surface to more than a mile below.

Horizontal Drilling: a well constructed perpendicular to the vertical wellbore (drilled and turned using a directional tool) which may measure more than 6,000 ft.

Seismic Surveying: a technology used to collect data on subsurface hydrocarbon deposits (detect underground gas deposits).

TOC: total organic carbon (helps determine amount of hydrocarbons or natural gas potential).