PA Needs Clean Energy. Why Are Legislators Stuck on Nuclear?

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From NRDC:

According to news reports, state legislators in Pennsylvania will soon introduce one or more bills to provide financial support to the state’s nuclear power plants. Such legislation has been anticipated since last November, when the General Assembly’s nuclear caucus issued a report making a case for subsidies. We criticized the caucus report for failing to endorse an energy policy that transitions Pennsylvania away from both nuclear power and fossil-fuel generation to renewable sources and  energy efficiency, in accordance with NRDC’s issue brief on nuclear transition. This week, in light of reports that the forthcoming bills will do little other than add a nuclear target to the state’s AEPS, NRDC sent a letter to the General Assembly urging a real clean energy transition policy and asking legislators to reject any bill that merely subsidizes nuclear plants. The letter is posted here, and the text is printed below in modified form.

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