Top Ten Political Riddles

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10) Why can’t Republican pronounce Abu Ghraib but they can pronounce Benghazi?

9) Why can’t Democrats pronounce Benghazi but they can pronounce Abu Ghraib?

8) How can Congress pass laws exempting Congress from the laws it passes?

7) If Mitt Romney is bad for being rich is Bernie Madoff good for being broke?

6) Does Joe Biden’s speech writer curse?

5) How many affairs can you have before you are no longer qualified to be a Republican values’ candidate?

4) Why does the deficit only matter when the other party is in power?

3) If it ok for Sarah Palin to quit her job because of peer pressure is it ok for kids to drop out of school due to bullying?

2) If the world of nations recognize Kim Jong-un as the leader of North Korea why can’t Israel be seated on the UN Security Council?

1) If the first President Bush believes Pearl Harbor happened on  September 7, can we move Christmas to Mondays?

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