Coal or Candy?

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Coal: Redistricting.

Candy: Linemen who restored power after Storm Sandy.

Coal: The entire Legislature for failing to repeal Act 51 – or the annual COLA they receive each year – which also drives their pension pay outs and per diem reimbursements.

Candy: Bill O’Brien and the Penn State’s senior football class of 2012 for their character, dedication and integrity under fire.

Coal: Gov. Corbett for giving five executive branch scrubs a $10,000 annual raise.

Candy: Senate Democrats for showing signs of life.

Coal: Lt. Governor James Cawley for pretending to have a real job.

Candy: Rep. Conklin’s proposal to reduce the size of the Penn State Board. Why not start with PHEAA?

Coal: House Republicans for failing to pass any meaningful political reforms despite their pre-election pledge to create a new “PATH”.

Coal: Mark Cohen’s expense account.

Candy: Auditor General Jack Wagner’s badly needed call for Board reform of Penn State’s Board of Directors.

Coal: Bob Casey’s “Where’ Waldo” reelection campaign strategy.

Candy: Kathleen Kane on becoming for first democrat and first women elected as Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

Coal: The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for raising their debt levels.

Candy: Senators John Eichelberger and Mike Folmer for holding hearings on the Harrisburg Incinerator debacle.

Coal: The LCB  for finding new and expensive ways to embarrass this antiquated agency.

Coal: PPL for proposing to raise electric rates twice in 2013. Talk about double dipping?!

Candy: Minor league hockey.

Coal: Eagles and Phillies for impersonating professional sports’ franchises.

Candy: Whoever is paying Ed Rendell to stay out of Harrisburg.

Coal: Mrs. Zogby’s driving instructor.

Candy: To anyone who can identify whose in charge of the House Democrats.

Coal: The House Democrats for hiring back two defeated lawmakers.

Candy: Steven Spielberg’s visit to Gettysburg.

Coal: The House for suspending rules during the budget and working past midnight.

Candy: The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for producing an Orie Family Christmas.

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