(Harrisburg, Pa) Today Rock the Capital released Put the “NO!” in November  – a report on the retention election of Pennsylvania Chief Justice Ronald Castille. The report was produced for Rock the Capital by Tim Potts and includes a detailed explanation of Rock the Capital’s opposition to Justice Castille’s retention bid.

Eric Epstein, co- founder of Rock the Capital said, “The Pennsylvania judicial system – led by Justice Castille – has devolved into a partisan branch of government. The judiciary is experiencing a crisis of confidence as a  result of judicial malpractice, nepotism and petty personal rivalries.”

Mr. Epstein stated, “The judiciary is a critical part of the democratic balancing act that ensures that the executive and legislative branches do not operate outside the rule of law. We are now facing a potential paradigm shift as the court system’s autonomy has been weakened, and a growing number of judges are behaving like partisan legislators. We need to ask ourselves: ‘What happens when democracy’s fail-safe brake is out of order?’”

Epstein explained, “We are distributing Put the “NO!” in November with the intent of cultivating a discussion among voters regarding the state of Pennsylvania’s judicial system.”

Epstein added, “Rock the Capital is encouraging voters to ask Governor Corbett, legislators and candidates for county and statewide judgeships to read the report, and ask public officials if they support Justice Castille’s retention for a one year term of office.”

Put the “NO!” in November and the accompanying video series can be accessed at Rock the Capital.

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