About 10 years ago, Lancaster Newspapers (LNP) and High Associates (High) were given an estimated $43.8 million property tax break to build the downtown Marriott Hotel.

Now they want to expand and build an adjoining Marriott Tower. The city is planning to give them, under a state economic development program administered though a city agency, a $5.7 million grant, and, as an added incentive, another $10.3 million property tax break.

Is this fair? Is it fair to other businesses, like the Arts’ Hotel and Hotel Lancaster, who are not getting these same property tax breaks?

Is it fair to the city property owners who are asked every year to pay higher school, city or county real estate taxes, only to hear services need to be cut for lack of funding?

I’m encouraging you to attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 11 at 7:30 pm, in the Council Chambers, City Hall Annex, (Marion Street entrance) 120 N. Duke Street, Lancaster. This real estate tax forgiveness/subsidy is part of a Public Hearing under item VII and Ordinance 10 under item IX A.

Please take a moment to visit my website that provides details on this issue.

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Thank you!

Art Morris