“Our legislators will continue to abuse the privilege of drawing boundaries that benefit them until we put an end to it. Urge your elected officials to support PA Senate Bill 22 and PA House Bill 722, which provide commonsense measures to end gerrymandering. Don’t let the people in power undermine the power of your vote!”


 Urge your elected officials to end gerrymandering

Montgomery News Times Chronicle letter by Sean O’Halloran, Willow Grove Aug 6, 2017

To the Editor: Representative democracies redraw boundaries occasionally to keep up with population changes. Did you know that in Pennsylvania, legislative boundaries are redrawn by the legislators themselves? Unfortunately, this practice allows our politicians to select their voters instead of voters selecting them. This practice is known as gerrymandering; it has gotten out of control in Pennsylvania, and it’s a bipartisan issue.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at the maps compiled by Fair Districts PA, a nonpartisan group dedicated to correcting the problem of gerrymandering (www.fairdistrictspa.com).