Last week’s record-breaking climate events provide evidence that ought to show the staunchest skeptic that climate change is real. Global warming is now helping to fuel deluges around the world. The fingerprint of climate change has been firmly identified in the observed global trend of increasing extreme precipitation. And Harvey’s path narrowly missed a direct hit on the South Texas Project nuclear reactors, which was nearly flooded by the Colorado River.

We must mobilize and reach people across the country so we can save our clean energy future!

Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry released a biased study last week to promote Trump’s dirty energy agenda. The report says nothing about the dangers of climate change or nuclear disasters, the health and climate benefits of renewable energy, or the enormous subsidies fossil fuels and nuclear power have received for decades.

And it reaches a twisted conclusion: Americans should now pay billions to keep old coal and nuclear plants running.

Trump refuses to spend any money to support climate action, but he can’t wait to give mountains of our hard-earned cash to dirty energy executives for more global warming and nuclear waste. We need to stop him, and move toward 100% renewable energy now.

Help us stop the Trump administration’s attack on renewable energy!

Trump’s decision to waste billions of dollars subsidizing nuclear and coal corporations does not change the truth: climate change is real and we need to invest in renewable energy to slow down the process.

His shortsighted decision will undoubtedly exacerbate the rate at which our climate is changing and will have far-reaching effects in the most vulnerable populations among us, domestically and internationally.

As floodwaters recede and we support clean up and rebuilding efforts in Houston and Southeast Asia, keep in mind that these sorts of catastrophic events are likely to become more frequent and increasingly more intense as our climate heats up. It is vital for us to use our collective voices to hold this administration accountable.

We are on the cusp of a clean energy revolution, in which the U.S. could transition to 100% carbon-free, nuclear-free, renewable energy. The fight to save our clean energy future is on and the time to act is NOW!

Please give what you can to Stop the Nuclear and Coal Bailout. Your contribution will be DOUBLED and will enable us to take action!


Thanks for all you do!


Tim Judson

Executive Director