Today is a sad day in the Labor radio world as we mourn another outlet for worker based news and information being silenced due to falling revenue.

That outlet, Worker’s Independent News, went dark today for the first time after nearly 2 decades of providing daily 3-minute news clips for broadcast on programs like mine.

When I started The Rick Smith Show in 2005, WIN was a perfect fit with the messaging I was working to provide listeners.  I am saddened by it’s passing.

What I know is that Labor needs to have strong and vibrant voices on all media fronts to add some measure of balance to the anti-worker drumbeat heard across the media landscape.  As a card-carrying union member for virtually all of my working life I believe in unions and the ability of workers to bargain collectively for better wages, hours, and conditions.

That said, WIN’s passing is a stark reminder to me personally that The Rick Smith Show could be the next voice to be silenced due to funding cuts by our supporters.

While I understand times are indeed difficult.  Now is not the time to pull back and cause the collapse of one of the last true voices for workers in the nation.

The Rick Smith Show is a nationally recognized brand seen in 40 million homes across the nation on Free Speech TV, across the radio airwaves on multiple stations, and gaining 1.5 million podcast downloads a year.

The coming year offers great expansion opportunities for our program but only if we are able to keep the lights on.

That’s why I am asking for your support and your help in raising funds for 2018.

If you believe workers need a voice.  Help us
If you believe the corporate media structure is against workers. Help us
If you believe there needs to be a media outlet dedicated to workers rights.  Help us

Contact me directly at 717 448 1953 to see how you can help.  Now is the time.  Don’t wait for the next labor media death notice.

In Solidarity

Rick Smith