Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 8:

PennDOT would like to share that the following project update has been added to the project website (

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations

We have recently received inquiries regarding bicycle and pedestrian movements along Derry Street through the area of the proposed Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI).

Both bicycle and pedestrian movements are a key component of improving the connections across I-83 and the railroad. This was discussed on the video which was shown at the public open house meeting in October 2018 and is on the project website and presented on the recommended preferred alternative display boards. This was a common discussion point at most of the stakeholder meetings held over the past year and a half and confirmed Project Need #4 for both projects: Existing Local Roadway Network Impedes North/South Mobility.

  • East Shore Section 2: The existing local roadway network impedes north/south mobility, both east and west of the Eisenhower Interchange. Bridge restrictions and traffic congestion on existing local connections inhibits access for emergency services, transit, and school buses, as well as the general traveling public.
  • East Shore Section 3: The existing regional and local roadway network impedes north/south mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists to safely access adjacent communities within the project corridor.

At this time the preliminary engineering phase has developed a recommended preferred alternative for the various roadway and structure alignments including the I-83 mainline and ramps, along with intersecting and crossing roadways. As we continue to advance preliminary engineering and then into final design further details will be developed regarding all the various design elements such as determining both sidewalk and shoulder widths including bicycle and pedestrian facilities. PennDOT will continue to coordinate and outreach with stakeholders as the design process continues over the next several years.

One element of the recommended preferred alternative in East Shore Section 2 that may be unfamiliar is the Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) proposed along Derry Street. Below is an informative video developed by the Virginia Department of Transportation on how motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists interact at this type of intersection which was. The concept presented in the video will be the starting model for the layout of the Derry Street SPUI as preliminary design continues.