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Legislative Audit Advisory Commission Accepts 2015 Audit
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PHEAA has released a memo after their Jan 22 board meeting containing info about the rebudgeting for the grant program. A video of PHEAA's Jan 21 board meeting is below.

• The Pay Raise: 2005-2015

• RTC's Comments on HB 900: Testimony of Eric Epstein

• Legislative Audit for 2014: Testimony of Eric Epstein

The Pay Raise Nine Years Later
Pink Pig to Release Reform Report Card

On Monday July 7, 2014 at the Capital Rotunda at 11:00 a.m., Rock The Capital released a report on the ninth anniversary of the infamous “pay raise.” The report documented the status of current and former state legislators who accepted an increase in their pay through “unvouchered expenses” and refused to pay the money back. The report also provided updated pension data for retired pay jackers.

RTC Comments on the Pay Raise

Two Midstate activists still looking for total gift ban for lawmakers