Rock the Capital is a good-government watchdog group formed after the Pennsylvania legislative, judicial and executive branches conspired to enact a pay raise in violation of the state constitution.

RTC tracked legislators who took the pay raise, refused to pay the money back, and profited from a “pension bounce.”


• Advocated for eliminating annual Cost of Living increases, cash donations, and legislative “slush funds.”

• Assisted local communities statewide in exposing corruption, and navigating the Right to Know Process.

• Cut legislative “slush funds” in half from 20o5-2019.

• Demanded accountability from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court which resulted in the defeat of one justice and removal and resignation of two supremes.

• Documented abuse, corruption, extravagant gifts , and wasteful spending at the Liquor Control Board, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

• Sought to reform the Legislative Reapportionment Committee.

• Supported pension forfeiture legislation. • Repealed the illegal Pay Raise of 2005.

• Supported a Constitutional Convention, Resign to Run legislation, and redistricting reform.

• Tracked annual COLAs, per diems, and pension pay outs for legislators.

• Uncovered Executive Branch appointees working as “ghost employees”, in order to enhance their pensions thorough the “footprint rule”

• Publications include: “Roadmap to Reform,” “ The Pay Raise: 2005-2014,: “The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission: Unsafe At Any Speed”, “The Road Not Taken: A Summary of Attempts to Ban Gifts from 2006-2014”, Twelve Step Program to Reform the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.”