1. Lobbyist Control
  • Ban gifts and entertainment
  • Quarterly reporting for lobbyists with expenses greater than $2,500 per quarter
  • Restoration of reporting requirements that were modified in the House.
  1. Over by October
  • End session on or before October 1 by joint resolution.
  • Propose an amendment to the Constitution to prohibit lame-duck session.
  1. Open Records
  • Require the General Assembly and each of its members to comply fully with existing law to the same degree and in the same detail as required of executive agencies
  • Require the judicial branch to comply with the Open Records Law
  • Assign a legislative body the immediate task of re-writing existing law to give Pennsylvania the highest standards of integrity and openness in America for public access to government documents
  1. Legislator Voting Records
  • All votes by individual legislator – including committee votes, procedural votes and votes on amendment and final passage – must be posted online within 24 hours with links to the language actually voted upon and the final outcome of the vote.
  1. Citizen Opportunity Period (COP)
  • Require a waiting period of at least 72 hours, preferably two weeks, between final amendment and final passage of all legislation in each chamber
  1. Perks
  • Provide a monthly, online accounting for each legislator detailing the cost of all salary, benefits and expenses paid during the previous month.
  • Permit per diems for actual expenses only as documented by detailed vouchers that are open to public inspection via the Internet.
  • Prohibit all forms of unvouchered expenses.
  • Adjust health care insurance benefits for lawmakers so that they are consistent with current private sector practices for ordinary workers.
  1. Campaign Finance
  • Prohibit fundraisers while the Legislature is in session.
  • Require public reporting of campaign donations one week prior to the primary and general election.
  • Limit the percentage of money a legislative candidate may raise from sources outside the candidate’s legislative district.
  1. Reapportionment
  • Enact a requirement for legislative districts to be as politically competitive as possible (in addition to existing requirements)
  1. Elections
  • Amend election laws so that they level the playing field for all citizens who want to run for public office regardless of party affiliation
  1. General Constitutional Convention
  • Authorize a general constitutional convention at which all sections of the Constitution are available for amendment and to which all interested citizens have an equal opportunity to become delegates.