Effective 02.12.2020, the PA DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) announced plans to extinguish the Dolph Mine Fire. The plan involves partnership with Earthmovers Unlimited, Inc. via a $9.3 million contract. Earthmovers has a track record of demonstrable success in similar past efforts with the PA DEP.

Located in Olyphant, Lackawanna County, the Dolph Mine Fire continues after fourteen (14) years. The ongoing fire, started by garbage illegally dumped in the area, covers seven (7) underground acres and significantly impacts air quality in the region. An isolation trench, in combination with safe fill material and water, will ensure complete removal of the fire. Following this, Earthmovers Unlimited, Inc. will fill the area with rock and soil. Finally, freshly planted grass will complete reclamation.

An additional seventy-five (75) acres of abandoned mine land is to be reclaimed as part of this project. All operations on this additional land, previously part of the Underwood Colliery and the Hannah Bell Slope Mine, ceased in the 1970s. This accompanying cleanup project involves re-excavation and re-grading, followed by healthy soil fill and planting fresh grass.

Rock the Capital applauds the ongoing efforts of the PA DEP to restore the health and beauty of our land.

Read the full PA DEP press release here.