February 20th, 2020, marked a regular meeting of the PHEAA Board of Directors. Rock the Capital attended and recorded the session.

The following agenda guided this meeting.

  1. Minutes: accept the minutes of the previous meeting (01.16.2020).
  2. Election of Board Officers: memorandum provided.
  3. Committee Reports.
  4. Financial Update and Annual Disclosure Notification: materials provided.
    • Quarterly Financial Statements.
    • PA Forward Update.
    • Annual Continuing Disclosure
  5. Congressional Update: materials provided.
  6. Keystone Scholar Program Overview.
  7. President and Chief Executive Officer’s Report: Mr. Steeley reports on matters of general interest, or those arising subsequent to the preparation of the agenda.
    • 2020-2021 Commonwealth Appropriations: Mr. Nathan Hench.
    • Educational Session: State Grants and College Financial Aid Night.
  8. Entry of Additional orders of Default: memorandum provided.
  9. Other business: such other business as may be brought before the Board by Board Members or staff.

The following is the session, as recorded by the Rock the Capital video crew.


PHEAA Meeting of the Board of Directors, 2-20-20 from Rock The Capital on Vimeo.