As part of the ABC (Authorities, Boards, and Commissions) initiative by Rock the Capital, we attended and recorded this PTC board meeting. As previously reported, the PTC (Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission) oversees and manages all aspects of the PA Turnpike system.

This qualified as an in-board PTC meeting, meaning all commissioners attended (one via call-in). A veritable blizzard of transactions occurs, including discussions regarding RFPs (Requests for Proposal) filed with various legal firms prior to this meeting. Specifically, we look into ‘contingency fees’ for legal firms and ‘change orders’ for construction and repair contractors. Change orders relate to invoice amounts greater than what was covered in proposals; contingency fees often come in large, round numbers (thirty thousand, fifty thousand, or more dollars). Rock the Capital seeks continued improvement in open bidding and transparent business practices.

Eric explains more in this introductory video.

Turnpike Meeting Intro 2-18-20 from Rock The Capital on Vimeo.

The Turnpike Commission provides copies of PTC meeting agendas and previous meeting minutes on its web site. The agenda for the meeting held February 18th, 2020 can be viewed here. The minutes for the previous meeting, held February 4th, 2020 can be viewed here.

Rock the Capital recorded the entire meeting, in accordance with our belief in full transparency and accountability for all parts of our government.


Turnpike Meeting, 2-18-20 from Rock The Capital on Vimeo.