For two consecutive PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) meetings, Rock the Capital witnessed the PLCB hold no public deliberations on any agenda items. This constitutes a clear violation of the Sunshine Act. For this reason, Rock the Capital took the opportunity during the public comment period of the April 15, 2020 Board meeting to call attention to this incredible oversight.

No Accountability

Rock the Capital’s Patty Smith sparred with the PLCB’s Chief Counsel regarding the specific responsibilities the Board has under the Sunshine Act. Because the Chief Counsel repeatedly argued that the only requirement was that the Board rule in public, Patty actually had to read the applicable portion of the Sunshine Act to him to make her point. Specifically, the Sunshine Act requires a Board or Agency to deliberate in public. This very specific requirement leaves little room for debate: yet the Board chooses not to adhere to it. Chief Counsel argued that if a member of the public had questions on any item, they could ask for clarification. Ms. Smith further explained that the Sunshine Act requires a Board or Agency to deliberate in public. It is not the responsibility of the public to request that they do so.

Transparent, public deliberation is essential. This assures the public that a Board or Agency make no decisions benefiting themselves, their families, or their associates. Rock the Capital will  attend the next PLCB meeting to ensure Sunshine Act compliance as mandated. If they are not, we will once again object to their refusal to do so. Rock the Capital has spent decades protecting the public against government agencies who feel they are above the law. Now more than ever, we are fighting for you, your rights and the responsible, ethical spending of your tax dollars!

Full Meeting Audio

LCB Meeting, 4-15-20 from Rock The Capital on Vimeo.